House & Cottage Raising

If your home does not have a basement, or if it has a crawl space that you would like to change into a basement, Cedar Creek Contracting can safely ‘raise’ it and construct a new foundation and full basement. This renovation will double your living space, level the floors and considerably increase the value of your home.

How we raise a house to construct a new foundation and basement.

Stage 1

The house is detached from the existing foundation if there is one.

Stage 2

Steel beams are then inserted under the house to support it during the lift.

Stage 3

Hydraulic jacks are then used to slowly and evenly raise the house up — cribbing is inserted  under the house to hold it safely.

Stage 4

A new foundation and walls are constructed.

Stage 5

The house is then slowly lowered onto the walls.

Final Stage

The house is then finished to the plan specifications.